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Doggie Daycare

Doggie Day care allows your dog to develop socialization skills, burn energy, get lots of exercise and plenty of playtime. This can help make your dog a more pleasant companion and may prevent your dog from developing behaviors such as separation anxiety, digging, excessive barking, chewing and jumping since dogs typically act out because they are bored or haven't burned enough energy.


If your dog is currently taking medications we can administer those while in our care and if your dog has an appointment with our vet neighbors, Dr. Tipton or Dr. Wofford, we will be happy to make sure he/she gets to their appointment on time and back to the Day Care. No need to feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone all day anymore!! Bring him/her in for a fun filled, stimulating day at All About Dogs.


Please bring your dogs favorite food and shot records


Beds, toys and treats provided by the Day Care

Boarding Fun
Group Boarding Fun


We refer to our boarding service as a "Boarding Boutique" because our facility is designed to cater to the well catered to loved ones in your life! We are an indoor facility fully air conditioned and comfortable. We have a small outdoor run but it's main purpose is for a potty break. While boarding, your dog will be in day care during the day and kenneled for the overnight stay. He/she will have plenty of stimulating play time and human touch. Your dogs will feel right at home in our facility. 

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